Spring Valley Arts

Spring Valley Arts, a partnership between Spring Valley Tech Corp. and Toon City Academy formed just last 2021, is the only sizeable animation studio outside the National Capital Region. We started Spring Valley Arts with a 2D Animation Training on August 2021 and out of 40 participants, 22 animators are now engaged in production for both local and international clients including a French cartoon.

There is an increasing demand in Animation with the realization of incredible talent pool here in the Philippines that Spring Valley Arts is set to partner with the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) to upskill talents and amplify our talent pool in the country. We still have slots as the Upskill Training is set to start on the tail-end of January 2022. This training is open to OJTs and Interns as well. If you’re interested, do let us know by sending your CVs to recruitment@springvalley.tech.