We aspire to experience all the positive benefits of technology by integrating this in the way we live. Hence, Spring Valley has created its own Township App that features the following applications:

Spring Valley Citizen App

  • My Profile – General Information, Emergency Contact, Medical Info
  • Moving Around – Transportation within the Valley
  • Need Food – Food Delivery
  • WhatsUp? – Events and Activities
  • Ireserve – Facilities Reservation
  • Need Help – Concierge Function

We are also seriously involved in the advancement
of the following areas

  • Alternative Energy – Solar and Wind
  • Agriculture and Aquaculture Technology
  • SMART City Solutions
  • eWaste Management – Materials Recovery and Recycling Facility &
  • Sewage Treatment Plant

Safety and Security at Spring Valley

Command and Control Center – 24/7 Operations Center equipped with Township-wide CCTVs, Beacon and Sensors

Electrical Fences and Motion Detection – deployed throughout the perimeter of the entire Township

Controlled Entry and Exit Points – Residents and Guests are required to register prior to entry and will be issued tracking beacons as well as sector assignments within the Township

iProtech – Mobile Incident Reporting

eProperty Management

Spring Valley Homestead

New Age Farming – Aquaponics

Smart Farm Technology – IoT Enabled
High Value Crops (Leafy greens & Herbs)
Organically Grown Fresh Water Fish
Environmentally Conscious (90% less water than traditional farming)
Year-round Harvest
Research Facility to improve Yield

homestead image
homestead image
homestead image
homestead image