Spring Valley

Spring Valley is the largest Integrated Technology and Innovation Hub in the Philippines, bringing together Talent Development, a Startup Ecosystem, Funding Resources, Innovation Centers, and various Support Services.

Spring Valley was created to address the need for a venue where Innovation and Technology is cultivated and nurtured in terms of talent development and intellectual property creation. Spring Valley aims to be Asia and the Pacific’s answer to Silicon Valley in the US – with a few exciting tweaks!

The main goal of Spring Valley is to become the Melting Pot of all the talented technology experts and innovators in the region to Design, Develop and Deploy game-changing creations that will help make this world a better place.

Advanced Research & Knowledge Center

The A.R.K. — Advanced Research and Knowledge — will have a Fabrication Laboratory, Global Collaboration Platforms, and Software Staging Areas...

Spring Valley Academy

The Academy will offer short-term and long-term learning paths aligned with current learning methodologies and will focus on three key areas – Skills, Communication, and Values.

Spring Valley Incubation & Training (SPRIN.T)

The SPR/IN.T — Spring Valley Incubation and Training — center will serve as the incubation center for all Startups...

Spring Valley Technopolis

The IT-BPM Support Facility of Spring Valley. Named after the 1st BPM locator, ePerformax Contact Center and BPO...

House of Geeks (H.O.G)

The House of Geeks will serve as the residence of all Founders, Technologists, Developers, and Innovators...


Learning Gaps

  • Lack of Facilities
  • Absense of Industry Immersion
  • Faculty Competency - "Playing Catch Up"
  • Curriculum Relevance - compliance to antiquated procedures
  • Ineffective On-The-Job Training or Lack of Industry-Academe Linkages

Services Focused

  • Highly Focused on Services
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset is not prevalent

Challenges of Startups

  • Majority of Start-Up founders are still employed
  • Access to Tools of the Trade(Hardware, Software, etc.)
  • Access to Funding
  • Business Development (includes Market Validation challenges)
  • Availability of Talent (Due to the strong Services sector)
  • Challenges in Business Environment

Inequitable Distribution of Business & Opportunities

  • Only 30% of the entire IT-BPM Industry is located outside the National Capital Region
  • 70% of University/College Graduates are from outside the National Capital Region

No Central Technology & Innovation Hub

The Team

Jonathan De Luzuriaga

President, Philippine Software Industry Association

CEO, Spring Valley Inc.

As the President of the Philippine Software Industry Association, Jonathan leads the way for the Information Technology industry of the Philippines. He is also the Founder and CEO of CMI Tech, a software innovations company involved in developments in web, mobile and cloud solutions for various verticals.

Jonathan is a seasoned independent World Bank Consultant for global information technology initiatives responsible for the design and implementation of such projects as the Center of Excellence in IT-BPO for Central Africa, the feasibility study of the Malili Technopark in Kenya as well as a multitude of talent mapping initiatives in Southeast Asia. He has been invited on numerous occasions to lecture about outsourcing and off-shoring at various events and conferences in all parts of the world.

He is known simply as JDL within the different sectors of business processing, information technology and innovation. He holds a Political Science degree from the De La Salle University.

Thea Obamos

Executive Office Head

Rommel Sario


Mark Jun Gersaniva


Rovi Anne Obamos

Human Resource & Admin

Isiah Johnson Obera


Jorge Manuel Cosgayon

Lead Developer

Christian Roy Cuadernal

Academic Coordinator

Marivic Santiago


Martin Rupert Bulquerin

Mobile Developer

Jason Dorado Repil

Back Office Specialist

Kaizell Mickhos Adam

Back Office Specialist

Neo Jay Andong

Junior Developer

Gerry Albert Buala

Junior Developer